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Friends of the Broward County AARLCC (formerly Friends of the Von D. Mizell Library) is an organization whose membership is the lifeblood of library support. Within the scope of its mission, the Friends of the Broward County AARLCC advocates for library services, and provides resources to support library programs.



The members of the Friends are people of all ages from all walks of life who represent all of the communities of Broward County and beyond. These “ordinary “ people work with the library administration in “building bridges” to develop and maintain youth and adult services for the community. They give of their time and special skills in support of library projects and activities that support the mission of the library. They also raise funds to support library programs, staff development and appreciation.


Each Friend serves as a public relations instrument for the library by increasing the public’s awareness of the library and its services. As we move forward to strengthen our advocacy efforts, increase contributions, face challenges, and utilize opportunities to meet the needs of the library, you are invited to become a Friend. Join us today.



Samuel Morrison

    Friends of AARLCC Officers


Janice Henry


First Vice President

Pamela Adams


Second Vice President   

 Marvia Simmons


Third Vice President   

Maude L. Storr


Recording Secretary        

Edith Gooden-Thompson


Corresponding Secretary

Gwendolyn Baker



Evelyn Grooms






Members at Large


Julie Hunter

Rose Merritt

Bettye Phodes

Karen Smalls

Anothony Thompson

*Mary Barner, Honorary

*Ethel M. Pappy, Honorary


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